Ryback Responds to CM Punk’s Disparaging Comments

During CM Punk’s “internet-breaking” (according to host and friend Colt Cabana) appearance on the Art of Wrestling podcast, he mentioned that Ryback had hurt him in the ring because he was a careless worker. He also recounted a time when he told Ryback he must be either “dumb as fuck” or just a terrible worker, to which Ryback replied that he was just dumb.

Ryback has not taken kindly to Punk’s version of the story.

First, the Big Guy tweeted a photo which summed up his feelings about the Straight Edge Superstar, while also providing a link to Ryback’s merchandise on WWE Shop. The Big Guy is always promoting.

Ryback would later tweet some more on the situation. The tweets were deleted but, as we all know, nothing on the internet can really be erased. The good folks at Cageside Seats were able to capture them before they vanished into the ether.

In a series of three tweets, the Big Guy said, “For the record if I quit for being fragile and insecure I would make up excuses too. Things didn’t go my way for a long time and I kept. Going day in and out. Slander is a powerful thing and to state complete made up nonsense for no reason shows his insecurities. I will continue to bust my ass study matches every chance I get, cut promos when driving and push myself for hours on end even when hurt. Thank you.”

CM Punk Finally Details His Departure From WWE

CM Punk has finally opened up about the events surrounding his departure from WWE in January on his good friend Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast.

Go check out the two hour program here.

The interview has been transcribed in part by both Pro Wrestling Torch and Cageside Seats, so I’ll let you check those good people out for the details if you can’t give the show a listen.

Punk’s telling of his sitdown with Vince McMahon and Triple H is very interesting, as well as the details of how WWE finally fired him. Of course, being fired is generally what happens when you don’t show up for work for months.

The basic gist of it all is – just as we thought – Punk was fed up with how he had been booked and treated by WWE brass. He says he’ll never come back and never wrestle again but, as they always say in the wrestling business, you can never say never.

Go check out the podcast for all the juicy bits.

Adrian Lionheart McCallum Writes Open Letter Asking AJ Styles to Stop Using the Styles Clash

stylesAdrian “Lionheart” McCallum, a British wrestler who was injured taking the “Styles Clash” finishing maneuver, posted an open letter to AJ Styles today on his Facebook page requesting that Styles stop using the move for the safety of his fellow wrestlers. Lionheart is one of several performers who have been injured at the hands of Styles while taking the finisher. He and one other suffered a broken neck.

Lionheart’s open letter is below and he makes a very strong argument. We’ve seen many wrestlers, as they age and evolve, modify their movesets. When the safety of your opponent comes into play, there’s really no reason to keep using a move that has proven to be very dangerous.

I’ll make the assumption he sees this somehow so please read and share… I’d like to openly address him…

Firstly, I hope things are well for you and family… I wanted to write you because I feel it’s important someone speak up in a more formal and diplomatic manner, as opposed to simply throwing abuse via anonymous social media ramblings…

Here’s the truth… The move is not directly dangerous… It’s a simple move in principle… Arms and legs locked, you fall forward, guy looks up/back, easy… The Styles Clash ‘on paper’ is a fairly safe and basic process…

That said, what is dangerous, is the instinctual reaction of your opponent… The wrestler taking the move, who like any wrestler taking any move, their safety and welfare is the priority…

Without ANY injuries, it could be argued that the mechanics of the move are unnatural, and injury could easily happen due to the physical restrictions and instinctual habits of the recipient… The numbers now are surely too great to even call it an argument?

I’m more than happy to be educated on my statistics, but there can be no move in wrestling history that carries more (documented) serious and potentially career threatening injuries than this… This, is what makes the move dangerous, whether indirectly or not…

Thus far, more specifically the last 12 months, several performers, actual experienced athletes, have been injured with this, 2 of them now with broken necks… The question I want to put to you honestly is, what does it take? What will it actually take for you to stop using this move, at the very least on an independent level, with people not necessarily exposed to the experience of working with you and taking the move semi regularly… How honestly will you feel the day you receive the news that the man you just wrestled has a broken neck and will never walk again? Statistically, that day is coming… It is a mathematical certainty…

I take this opportunity now, to openly and publicly beg you… Please, stop using the Styles Clash… You are unquestionably one of the greatest in ring performers of our time, I truly believe that… But the time is now, to put all pride, ego, blame aside, and acknowledge that irrelevant of fault, circumstance or anything else, the move is a direct risk and a danger to the safety and well being of your fellow wrestler…

All the best.


35% Off DVDs, 20% Off Apparel During Ring of Honor’s Delirious Insanity Black Friday Sale

It’s that time of year. The time when chaos ensues over discounted TVs, video games and other great deals. Some people even eat turkey.

But why bother with all that hassle when you can save with Ring of Honor’s Black Friday sale?

The company is offering 35% off DVDs and 20% off apparel, plus an additional 15% off for RS members, during its “Delirious Insanity” sale. The sale begins at midnight tonight.

Ring of Honor Returns to the ECW Arena in January

Ring of Honor announced today that the company’s January 24th show, which was scheduled to take place at the Philadelphia National Guard Armory, will now be held at the famed ECW Arena. More correctly, the show will be held at 2300 Arena, the venue’s current name.

While the ECW Arena doesn’t look like much or have the capacity of some of the more famous arenas in the country, it is undoubtedly one of the most important venues in wrestling history. More than just ECW, the building has played host to several other wrestling promotions, including Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore and past ROH events.

If you’ve purchased tickets for the January 24th show, the date and time remain the same. If you haven’t yet, tickets are still available for purchase at ROHWrestling.com.

TNA Announces First Set of Tapings for Impact on Destination America

TNA will begin taping episodes of Impact Wrestling for broadcast on Destination America in January, according to the company. The Manhattan Center will host three consecutive nights of television tapings on January 7th through the 9th.

TNA has found a nice home away from home in the Manhattan Center, where the crowds are undoubtedly better than those at the Impact Zone. According to Dixie Carter, it was a no-brainer to return to New York City for TNA’s debut episodes with new television partner Destination America. “With the explosive sold-out crowds in New York City this past summer, returning to the Manhattan Center for three huge events as IMPACT WRESTLING debuts on Destination America was an easy decision,” she said in the company’s press release announcing the news.

TNA Releases Details on Final Episodes of Impact on Spike

The final first-run episode of Impact Wrestling aired on Spike TV last Wednesday. Ahead of the company’s move to Destination America in 2015, TNA has released details on the final four episodes of Impact, which will be compilation specials airing on the usual night and time of Wednesdays at 9pm ET.

“Best of Impact Wrestling 2014″ will air on December 3rd and 10th and “Countdown to the All-Time Best TNA Moment” will air on December 17th and 24th.

Tomorrow’s episode of Impact, “Thanksgiving Throwdown,” will air exclusively on TNA’s YouTube channel and will also be available on-demand through Black Friday. According to the company, the special will feature “the best Turkey Bowl matches in TNA history and offers viewers ShopTNA Black Friday deals, including a free replica TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt for one lucky shopper.”