WWE Raw thoughts [11.30.09]

A little slow going through the Thanksgiving weekend, but we’re back at it with a look at Monday Night Raw.

*The show was very light on in-ring action but it did the job of building towards the TLC pay-per-view and furthering the Randy Orton-Kofi Kingston feud. Starting with a little DX-JeriShow trash talk was a good way to create excitement for their Tag Team Title match at TLC and the night ended with a good Triple H v. Jericho match.

*WWE is trying hard to get Sheamus some legitimate heat and it was a smart move to have him destroy Santino, who is a crowd favorite but basically a jobber at this point. As always, Santino was hilarious on the mic. I’m not sure if Sheamus is being looked at as a threat to John Cena’s title, but at least it’s a fresh face in the championship scene.

*Verne Troyer wasn’t horrible as guest host and as corny as the segment with The Miz could have come off, it actually wasn’t that bad. Miz’s lame “Austin Powers” jokes were made more to pick on Troyer for not being relevant since then, instead of WWE’s usual ten-years-behind jokes.

*Some people were complaining about how Kofi was dominated by Orton but it was booked very well. WWE would have been silly to give away their legitimate match on free TV, so they built it well by having Orton finally gain one over Kofi – only after Legacy had beaten him down. It shows Kofi to be a real threat to Orton while allowing The Legend Killer to keep some heat and momentum. I would assume they will meet at the TLC pay-per-view although it hasn’t been announced. Perhaps WWE will hold this one off until the Royal Rumble, which could be a good move, allowing the match to not get lost in the shuffle.