Jeff Hardy and TNA leave everyone scratching their heads following Victory Road

Sting successfully defended the TNA World Title last night at Victory Road against Jeff Hardy in an absolute crapfest of a match that has been talked about all over the internet today. Rumors are rampant that Hardy was under the influence of drugs, and the video below does little to quell that talk.

You can tell Hardy isn’t all there during the introductions and the match. Even walking to the ring he seems out of it. This isn’t the first time there have been rumors of Hardy showing up to a pay-per-view in no condition to wrestle, and his history of drug use is well chronicled. is also reporting that Jeff Hardy has been sent home from this week’s Impact tapings, which are for the next three weeks of TV shows.

What makes matters worse is that this match was the main event. TNA Creative could have done a beatdown angle where Hardy had to be replaced if they truly thought he couldn’t go. The route they went, with Eric Bischoff making it a No DQ match at the last minute, almost made it seem as though they really planned to have a long match and perhaps Sting was the one who cut it short in the ring.

Either way, it’s one more bad taste for the mouths of wrestling fans who were already being very critical of TNA over the past few weeks, following the 3-3-11 Sting videos that were a lame ripoff of WWE’s Undertaker vignettes.