9.24.12 Raw thoughts: A good show with a “huh?” ending

WWE delivered a pretty good episode of Raw, with a head scratching ending. Here are some quick thoughts on the show:

-The Kane/Daniel Bryan diner segments were probably a bit hokey to some, but these two guys are turning everything they touch to gold right now. A great aside to this storyline is that while the focus is on their relationship, it also is putting emphasis on the tag team titles and the tag team division in general.

-Speaking of which, last night and on previous Raw and Smackdown broadcasts, there has been a much greater emphasis on tag team wrestling and creating tag teams. On Raw, we got a new name for Kane and Daniel Bryan, “Team Hell No.” The two were promptly attacked after their name coronation by Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, who revealed their name of “Team Rhodes Scholars.” That name has been circulating the Twitter Wrestling Community, although without the “Team” qualifier in front of it. Either way, I like it and I am completely in favor of WWE taking singles wrestlers with seemingly nothing on their plates right now and putting them into tag teams.

-The opening segment at least made AJ Lee seem interesting again. While her character has really become stale since she took over as General Manager, I am interested to see what happens in the next few weeks, since they re-established her “craziness” with her backstage segments with the referees.

-I thought it was a tiny bit exploitative for WWE to continually show pictures of a clinically dead Jerry Lawler as they teased his interview, but it was great to see the King looking well, and I would assume he gave his blessing for WWE to use those images.

-Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston put on an excellent match and both came out of it looking great.

-Big Show returned and it seems like we’ll get a “big man” feud with he and Brodus Clay.

-Ryback squashed The Miz in a non-title contest, which made me think we would see a rematch for the title at Hell in a Cell, but the closing of the show makes me think otherwise.

-We got another typical John Cena promo: “I’m going to persevere, overcome the odds, and be there to fight because hustle, loyalty, respect, rise above!!!” The interaction with he and CM Punk – who was great throughout the show, by the way – was strange because Cena pulled the heel tactic of hitting Punk with a pipe. Cena added, “real men wear pink!” Saw that coming from a mile away.

-The show ended after Punk kicked Mick Foley, walked away, then turned back to see Ryback standing beside Foley. I guess Ryback is WWE’s backup plan if Cena isn’t ready by the time Hell in a Cell rolls around. I don’t know if we’re ready for that just yet. Perhaps the actual – and better – plan is to have Foley “fight” Punk at the pay-per-view, with Ryback in Foley’s corner.