1.28.13 Raw recap: Brock Lesnar returns, Tensai dances in drag, and some Roulette stupidity

brockmcmahonI went into Monday’s Raw with hesitant anticipation, knowing that Raw Roulette episodes are generally among the worst of the year, and this one proved me right. However, there were some pretty notable developments which may not have been enough to save the show, but made me at least not regret watching. Is that a good thing?

- Brock Lesnar returned during the show closing segment, just before Vince McMahon could fire Paul Heyman after video footage revealed that Heyman had hired The Shield. The pop was tremendous when Lesnar’s music hit, even with WWE’s Twitter account spoiling his arrival at the arena. Lesnar delivered an F5 to the 67-year-old Chairman of the Board, likely setting up the Triple H – Lesnar rematch as HHH will seek to defend his father-in-law. While it seems like that will be a WrestleMania match, there is a chance WWE could book it for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. We can only hope.

- The reveal that Paul Heyman was the man behind The Shield leaves a few interesting possibilities as we move forward. Will CM Punk play it off like he didn’t know Heyman had hired The Shield? Will we see a stable with Punk, Lesnar, and The Shield?

- Chris Jericho, following his return at the Royal Rumble, also appeared on the broadcast, breaking out all of his old catchphrases to the delight of the crowd. Dolph Ziggler came out to interrupt, likely re-igniting their feud from the summer of 2012 and hopefully leading to a WrestleMania match between the two.

- The interaction between The Rock and CM Punk was very good and Rock is at his best in situations like these, when he’s more intense and less worried about getting his catchphrases out or trending on Twitter. CM Punk is pretty much always on-point but especially last night. He got a nice dig in on The Rock about not showing up for anything other than TV and PPVs but in a subtle way, and we eventually got a rematch booked between them at Elimination Chamber.

- John Cena tried to create suspense through another long, rambling promo – wherein he also buried the World Heavyweight Championship – before he finally announced he would challenge the WWE Champion at WrestleMania. Yawn.

- The rest of the show was pretty much as bad as you would expect a Raw Roulette to be. Tensai and Brodus Clay had a danceoff after they were supposed to have a lingerie pillow fight, which led to Tensai showing up in women’s undergarments. He then danced with some prodding from Jerry Lawler and Clay and the crowd actually got into it.

- We also got this disgusting display of WWE “comedy”:

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