The Rock unveils new WWE Championship belt

sideplatesThe Rock unveiled WWE’s new championship belt at the end of Raw last night and it, of course, was met with a mixed reaction. The new belt features Brahma bull side plates but the belt currently available through (in the photo below) shows WWE logo plates, meaning that each champion will likely have their own custom side plates.


As I tweeted last night, I think what I don’t like about the new belt design is that there is no center plate behind the WWE logo, it’s just on the leather. The Rock’s custom side plates also make it look less like a championship and more like a fan made belt.

As time goes on, though, we’ll see if it grows on us. I personally didn’t hate the spinner belt but was hoping for more of a Winged Eagle-inspired strap, especially after The Rock said he thought the belt should be an homage to Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Steve Austin.

Weigh in with your opinion in the poll below:

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2 comments on “The Rock unveils new WWE Championship belt
  1. Admin says:

    The strap will grow on us. I did not like it at first, in fact I think they should have had The Rock unveil the actual title without his personalization on it. I do not feel this title represents Cena at all which is why I’m hoping the WWE throws us a curve ball and puts the title back on Punk at Mania. Cena has become a cartoon character if you notice the new Fruity Pebbles box, John Cena is the new Fred Flintstone. I don’t think that character deserves a well made, well respected championship title belt. Punk. Orton, Del Rio, Jericho, those men would look good carrying this belt. Sure, they most likely won’t put it on Jericho since he’s a part-timer now and only doing 3 and 4 months stints at a time.

  2. RingsideRants says:

    You make a bunch of good points. They definitely created a lot of confusion with the side plates, perhaps inadvertently.

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