Video: Trailer for 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown, Starring Dean Ambrose

The first trailer for the new WWE Studios film, 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown, dropped today. Below is the synopsis of the film.

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose plays Shaw, a detective who returns to active duty after the death of his partner. When he uncovers evidence linking his fellow officers to a murder, they frame him for a homicide he didn’t commit. Trapped in his own precinct, Shaw will do whatever it takes to expose the dirty cops and clear his name. With twelve rounds in the clip and one shot at redemption, nothing will stand in Shaw’s way in this action-packed thriller.

The film also features Lochlyn Munro, who some may remember as Cliff in Dead Man on Campus and for his roles in White Chicks and Scary Movie. The movie will be released on September 11, 2015.

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order Bonus is The Terminator

2K has announced that the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K16 will be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator as a playable character. The game will actually have two Terminators; one modeled after the original in the 1984 movie and the other modeled after 1991’s Judgment Day Terminator.

The above commercial will most likely debut on tonight’s episode of Raw and features a reenactment of Schwarzenegger’s famous scene in Terminator 2, along with appearances by Daniel Bryan, Eva Marie, Paige, Finn Balor and Dean Ambrose.

7.20.15 Raw Highlights: Brock & Taker Brawl, Two Long Women’s Matches, Cena/Orton/Cesaro v. Rusev/Owens/Sheamus

Last night’s episode of Raw was a solid show. There were some notable moments, the main event was set for SummerSlam, and the show kept my attention for three whole hours, which is a saying a lot these days. Below are some video highlights and what you missed from the 7.20.15 airing.

The show opened with Undertaker’s explanation of his actions at Battleground, where he “rose from the ashes” and cost Brock Lesnar a WWE World Heavyweight Championship victory. I thought WWE missed an opportunity to be logical by excluding Lesnar’s attack on Kane as a reason for Undertaker seeking vengeance.

Charlotte and Brie Bella had a lengthy match, with Charlotte picking up the victory. WWE is going all-in on the new women’s movement and while we haven’t seen an NXT-level classic yet, the call-ups are doing a wonderful job so far.

After Paul Heyman spoke negatively of the Undertaker on behalf of Brock Lesnar, the Dead Man appeared in the ring and was ready to take it to the advocate. Then Brock Lesnar showed up and all hell broke loose. The in-ring brawl was really good, helped by the announcers high-tailing it out of there and letting the action speak for itself. Lesnar yelling, “I’ll kill you!” and Taker respinding with, “You’re going to have to!” was a great moment.

The brawl spilled backstage before “authorities” were finally able to pull Brock Lesnar away and zip-tie his hands. Triple H was then shown saying no charges would be pressed but Lesnar was cooling off.

With Undertaker and Brock Lesnar out of the building, Seth Rollins came to the ring to cut a promo. John Cena interrupted and was very angry that Rollins didn’t win all his matches fairly, because John Cena is the most noble man in wrestling history and hates evil doers. My guess is this leads to a match between the two at SummerSlam and I wouldn’t be shocked if Rollins loses the strap to SuperCena.

Our second lengthy women’s match of the night was a tag team bout featuring call-ups Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Banks continues to carry herself like an absolute star and her Bank Statement finisher if one of the best there is right now. It looks very believable and she actually locks it in, unlike another notable submission performed by a guy mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The final match of the show was a six-man tag featuring John Cena, Cesaro and Randy Orton v. Rusev, Sheamus and Kevin Owens. owens and Sheamus both abandoned Rusev midway through the contest.The crowd was really hot for this match and popped huge for the finish, which saw Cena hit an AA on Rusev into a Cesaro swing, who then did a slingshot setup for Randy Orton to hit an RKO. The sequence was really good and it felt like a dark match or house show ending.

WWE Chooses to Ignore Kane’s Injury at the Hands of Brock Lesnar in Undertaker Revenge Storyline

After the Undertaker reappeared during the main event of Battleground to cost Brock Lesnar the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the reasoning seemed obvious: Taker was seeking revenge on Lesnar for destroying his kayfabe brother Kane’s ankle just six nights earlier on Raw and it reignited his anger over Lesnar ending his WrestleMania streak.

But on this week’s Raw, it became clear that WWE wanted to strip away as much logic as they could from this angle.

The Undertaker opened the show by explaining that he had indeed come for vengeance. However, his brother had nothing to do with it. In fact, Kane wasn’t mentioned at all. Taker came back to avenge his streak, which ended nearly a year-and-a-half ago. Taker could have also sought his vengeance at WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara, when both he and Lesnar were in the same building. He could have even cost Lesnar the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that night, since he was defending the title against Roman Reigns.

But Undertaker didn’t do that. He waited. And apparently does not care about his brother Kane at all.

Sure, it’s wrestling and the storylines iron themselves out. The multiple pull-apart brawl from last night’s show certainly helped invigorate this feud and make it seem a lot more personal. But there is no reason not to include Kane in this storytelling.

For one, it solidifies Undertaker’s hatred for this man, Brock Lesnar. Without anger over Lesnar cheap-shotting Kane and severely injuring him, Taker comes off like a sore-loser who has been sitting at home for 16 months stewing over a loss. That’s not even bringing up the fact that WWE has conveniently glossed over Taker’s match with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 31, which did little to help the Eater of Worlds.

Also, making Kane a big part of this story would do wonders for the Big Red Machine, who could come back as babyface, complete with the mask as so many fans desire.

WWE chose not to go that route, again brushing away whatever previous storytelling it no longer needed. What makes it so much of a head-scratcher is that there isn’t a logical reason. Maybe WWE thinks that Taker seeking vengeance for Kane would make Lesnar seem like too much of a bad guy? Not mentioning it at all, though, makes Taker seem like a whiny heel.

Either way, it’ll all get smoothed over in the weeks leading up to the main event of SummerSlam. And WWE could still add Kane to the mix. But for now, it seems like a wasted opportunity and another example of fly-by-night booking.

Ringside Rewind: HBK, Goldberg & RVD v. Batista, Randy Orton & Kane: Raw, December 2003

Ringside Rewind is an occasional feature where we take a look back at a match or moment from the “good old days.”

On the December 2, 2003 edition of Monday Night Raw we got an interesting six-man tag team match featuring a cross-section of wrestling. One team was comprised of Shawn Michaels, Goldberg and Rob Van Dam. RVD was still on the rise but was perhaps the biggest star to come out of ECW. Goldberg, whose time in WWE was certainly not as exceptional as many expected, was one of the biggest names during WCW’s run on top. And Shawn Michaels was already one of the best to ever come out of WWE and would become one of the best of all time.

The other side featured an up-and-coming Batista and Randy Orton, both of whom were on their way to multiple World Championships. Joining them was Kane, a holdover from the Attitude Era and another of the key players in WWE’s victory over Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff.

Sasha Banks Defends the Women’s Championship on Tonight’s NXT

Sasha Banks will defend her NXT Women’s Championship against fellow main roster call-up Charlotte on tonight’s episode of NXT, even though this airing was taped a few weeks ago. Any time these two women get together, it’s a solid match, so tonight’s show is one you won’t want to miss.

It will be interesting to see how the company handles the NXT Women’s Title situation now that Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch have been moved up to Raw. Bayley, though currently injured, would seem a likely competitor to step into the mix, perhaps along with Carmella, Dana Brooke and Alexa Bliss. Lest we forget about Eva Marie, who is also trying to revive (or create) her in-ring career in NXT. Regardless, losing three women of the caliber of Banks, Charlotte and Lynch is a blow to the NXT Women’s Division.

Video: Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks Debut on Raw

The much-rumored call-ups of Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks from NXT to the main roster happened last night on Raw, when Stephanie McMahon played babyface for a moment and infused some new life into the Divas Division. Technically, of course, this wasn’t Charlotte’s debut on Raw, since she lost and “blink and you’ll miss it” match to Natalya on Raw in December.

At the risk of sounding too hyperbolic, pretty much everything about this moment was great.

Stephanie did a good job of building each woman up before introducing them to the crowd. Each introduction got a pop, with each growing a bit louder than the one before it. Again, Stephanie helped this by teasing who each person was before the reveal. My only nitpicks is that Sasha Banks, despite being introduced as the NXT Women’s Champion, did not come out with the title.

The ensuing brawl was solid and gave us the great visual of Lynch, Charlotte and Banks performing their signature moves, hopefully an indication that the future of the WWE Women’s Division is indeed here.

Global Force Wrestling Announces Four Championships

Global Force Wrestling announced today that there will be four divisions, along with four championships, when the company begins its “Amped” television tapings at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on July 24th.

The GFW Global Championship will be the company’s world heavyweight title. GFW will also have a Tag Team and Women’s Championship, along with a NEX*GEN Championship, which sounds similar to the X Division title and is catered to up-and-coming wrestlers. All of the champions will be determined through title tournaments beginning at the July 24th tapings.