WWE Network’s “Nitro Week” Kicks Off Tonight with “Legends with JBL: Eric Bischoff”

WWE Network has deemed this week “Nitro Week.” It all kicks off with the premiere of JBL’s new series, “Legends with JBL.” Tonight’s episode is the first of two parts with Eric Bischoff and airs immediately following Raw. As much as JBL annoys me every Monday night on commentary, I’m really looking forward to this series.

Tuesday brings us a Monday Nitro Top 10, hosted by Diamond Dallas Page, at 10pm ET. The show will count down the top 10 moments in Nitro history. On Wednesday at 10pm ET we get another top 10 show, this time with Eric Bischoff himself counting down his own top 10 moments. Part two of Legends with JBL: Eric Bischoff will air on Thursday at 10pm ET.

Along with all of this, WWE is touting the hundreds of hours of Nitro content that is on the Network. I must say, they’ve done a great job adding new episodes of Nitro over the last few weeks. Here is what the company had to say about the Nitro on-demand section in its press release touting Nitro week: “The next chapter of WCW’s Monday Nitro has arrived exclusively on WWE Network on demand. Relive all the action and excitement from WCW’s banner year during the escalating Monday Night War including NWO’s continuing hostile takeover, Sting’s quest to avenge WCW, the rise of Goldberg’s undefeated streak and much more.”

Ringside Rewind: Bret Hart v. Hulk Hogan, Nitro, September ’98

Following Bret Hart calling Hulk Hogan a dirt bag via Citi Field’s Twitter account his afternoon, I wondered if the two – who have had a mutual disdain for one another for quite some time – had squared off. Of course, the two are forever tied together from the odd WrestleMania IX finishing sequence, which saw Hart lose the WWE Championship to Yokozuna only to have Hogan come out (for some reason) and get an impromptu title match and victory.

But the two did have a match against each other. Only one.

During a September 1998 episode of WCW Nitro, the Hitman and the Hulkster did battle.

Ringside Rewind: WCW World War III 1995: 60-Man, 3-Ring Battle Royal

In 1995, WCW introduced a unique new concept to the wrestling world: A 60-man, three-ring battle royal. The winner of the contest would also become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, since the title had been stripped from The Giant.

On November 26, 1995, “Macho Man” Randy Savage won the inaugural battle royal in controversial fashion. Savage was the last man standing in the ring and declared the winner, yet Hulk Hogan had technically not been eliminated since he was pulled from the ring by The Giant. The referee didn’t see it and only caught Hogan standing on the arena floor, declaring him eliminated.

There would be four total World War III pay-per-views, with the 60-man battle royal in subsequent years earning the winner a WCW World Heavyweight Championship match.

Ringside Rewind: Team WWF v. Team Alliance, Survivor Series 2001

As we gear up for Survivor Series this Sunday, let’s take a look back at the 2001 version of the event, as posted on WWE’s YouTube page. This was the culmination of the “WCW invasion” storyline, which was so much worse and more convoluted than it could have been. The main event of Survivor Series 2001 was Team WWF v. The Alliance in a traditional elimination match where the winning team’s company would stay in business while the other’s doors would be shuttered, at least in kayfabe.

Team WWF was comprised of The Rock, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Kane and Big Show while the Alliance squad was made up of Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle (who never competed for WCW or ECW), Booker T and Shane McMahon.

Ringside Rewind: AJ Styles & Air Paris v. Alex Wright & Disco Inferno, WCW Thunder, 2/21/01

In 2001, a 23-year-old AJ Styles had just entered WCW under the name “Air Styles” – along with Air Paris – in the tag team, “Air Raid.” On the February 21, 2001 episode of “Thunder,” Air Raid took on “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright and Disco Inferno.

It’s strange to think that AJ Styles has been around long enough to have wrestled in WCW, even if it was during the company’s spiraling end. It was only a few months after Styles’ arrival that Vince McMahon bought WCW and Styles wasn’t offered a contract.

WWE 2K14 nWo Pack DLC available November 12

The first DLC pack for WWE 2K14 will be released on November 12, 2013. The nWo pack is available for $8.99 (or included with the season pass) and includes playable nWo-themed wrestlers Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, Randy Savage, Syxx and Scott Steiner. The Giant is also available on November 12th free of charge.

With this news, 2K has released an entrance and finisher video of Kevin Nash, which is embedded above.

#WCW: Steve Austin & Steve Williams v. Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham, Unified Tag Team Championship Match, Halloween Havoc 1992

Surely if you’re a Twitter user you’ve seen the trending topic, #WCW. In a brutal tease to all of us long time wrestling aficionados, the hashtag doesn’t stand for “World Championship Wrestling” but “Woman Crush Wednesday” instead. But since this is a wrestling blog, let’s relive some WCW glory on Wednesdays, shall we?

Today’s #WCW is from Halloween Havoc 1992 as “Stunning” Steve Austin and Dr. Death Steve Williams take on Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham for the Unified Tag Team Championship.

Ringside Rewind: Steve Austin v. Dustin Rhodes, US Championship Match, Halloween Havoc 1993

20 years ago at Halloween Havoc (still one of my favorite pay-per-view names, and one I wish WWE would revive) then-“Stunning” Steve Austin challenged Dustin Rhodes for the WCW United States Championship.

The rest of the Havoc card was pretty stacked, including Lord Steven Regal retaining his TV Championship in a 15-minute draw with Davey Boy Smith, Sting v. Sid Vicious, Rick Rude v. Ric Flair with the WCW International Heavyweight Championship on the line, and Vader battling Cactus Jack in a Texas Death Match.