WrestleMania 33 Preview: WWE Universal Championship Match, Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

What started as a nostalgia one-off in conjunction with a new video game release turned into a prolonged endeavor and a Universal Championship “run” for Goldberg. Can you really call it a “run” if it only includes a squash win and zero title defenses?

From the story that has been told – Goldberg crushing an overconfident Brock Lesnar in short order at Survivor Series, followed by a similar manhandling at the Royal Rumble – Lesnar has to leave the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” with the Universal Championship. The only real question is the length of the match.

This will be Goldberg’s fourth match since returning to WWE from a 12-and-a-half year absence. His aforementioned victory over Lesnar at Survivor Series in Toronto lasted 1:26, followed by a 3:21 appearance in the Royal Rumble where he eliminated Rusev, Luke Harper, and Lesnar. He won the title from Kevin Owens in a 22-second squash match at Fastlane in early March. If you’re doing the match, that’s five minutes and nine seconds of in-ring time since November.

Goldberg has recently said that he has a little more in the arsenal than the spear and the jackhammer, but on a show that has the potential to go more than six hours, a short main event match would be a good thing. I’m not saying “under a minute” short but this match certainly doesn’t need to go more than 10 minutes.


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